In South Carolina, the Guy with the Most Crosses in his Campaign Ad Will ALWAYS Win!

Two weeks ago, I wrote about a local Republican primary race to fill a vacant state senate seat. The primary was yesterday.

The Christian Conservative beat the Real Republican who ALSO Loves Jesus.

The Christian Conservative, a local car dealer whose TV ads (for his dealership) point to his work in youth discipleship and worship services in the community — all, of course, very important things to consider when looking to purchase a car — ran campaign ads that left no doubt about his love of the Lord. Not much said about what he would do as a state senator, but DANG! He sure loves Jesus.

(It says so in one of his ads. A spokesperson tells us that this guy doesn’t want to be a state senator for the fame or glory… it’s because he TRULY loves Jesus.)

All of his campaign ads feature well-placed, almost ubiquitous crosses… in open fields, in his house, on his desk, hanging on a chain around his neck. Can’t miss ’em.

The other guy didn’t spend as much time talking about his fondness for the Almighty, and he did have a thing or two to say (in vague generalities) about what he’d do as a state senator.

“I’m the only candidate in this race who has actually DELIVERED!” he said. He didn’t say whether that delivery was on behalf of GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Amazon, or what have you.

But he DID claim to be a “REAL Republican,” not like his pious opponent who actually VOTED in DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES in 2008 and 2018.

Those ads were countered the day before the election when the Cars for Christ Candidate told us in his cross-bedecked study that he voted for Trump, TWICE, in fact.

That was good enough for the electorate which gave the Almighty’s Auto Dealer a comfortable win in the primary. He will go on to face a DEMMYCRAT in a special election in March.

I wonder how that one will go…