Exercising My Freedumbs

You might have noticed that I’ve changed the focus of this blog, just a bit. While I was still working in radio, I took care to moderate my comments so as not to say anything particularly spicy, partisan, or controversial. Didn’t want to harm the radio station or cost us any advertisers by saying something someone didn’t like.

Yes. This happens.

Back in the mid-90s while doing a talk show, I casually mentioned that freedom OF religion by its nature had to also mean freedom FROM religion.

No sooner had those words registered on the brain of one of our sponsors, than he called the owner and canceled a very large account. Somehow, he rearranged the words I very clearly said and decided that I was making an anti-religious statement.

Another time, after a local county beauty pageant that had four contestants — none of which actually lived in the county holding the pageant — I said on the air that if the entry requirements were that loose, then I would enter the pageant the next year. This so offended one of the pageant sponsors that THEY canceled THEIR account with the station.

This little morning radio bit cost the station thousands of dollars!

There are many other such examples. But as I got older and wearier from fighting this freedom of speech battle with idiots who are firm believers in free speech AS LONG AS IT’S SPEECH THEY AGREE WITH, I came to the conclusion that as long as my name was associated with a radio station, I would just keep my mouth shut on matters that might result in harm to the station when some dumbass advertiser disagreed with whatever dumbassed thing I just uttered on the air or wrote on social media.

Well, gentle reader? Those days are over.

From now on, as there is nobody in danger of losing advertising revenue over my expressing an opinion, just gonna start writing what I think, saying what I want, and letting the chips fall where they may.

You are warned.


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