For My Eyes Only

Taking my midday nap. I feel the sudden and familiar heavy weight on my chest. I feel the four paws positioning a significant portion of cat bulk into a favorable viewing angle.

I open my eyes.

There, filling my entire field of vision, like the full moon in the black of the midnight sky.

Monty’s butt. Inches away from my nose.

I know ever crease and crevice of this butt. Every detail is burnt into my memory. I’ve seen it countless times in the nearly four years we’ve been together.

No doubt, your curiosity has been piqued. But I will not post a picture of Monty’s butt here. It is not a butt that is meant for you to see. Cat experts say that when a cat shows you its butt, it’s a demonstration of trust. It’s the cat’s way of greeting you in the most intimate manner possible, a friendly greeting from cat to human.

Therefore, it would not be appropriate for me to show you Monty’s butt. He doesn’t know you. Since he doesn’t know you, he probably doesn’t trust you. He has no reason to greet you in this most intimate fashion.

To show you a picture of Monty’s butt would be a betrayal of that trust. So, sorry.

You’ll just have to draw your own mental picture.