Schadenfreude Pie on the Menu

When I left a job in Montana back in early 2019, Di and I came back to Myrtle Beach to use it as a base of operations while looking for a new radio gig. I had been back in town less than a week when I was contacted by the general manager of a local radio station who remembered me from an interview we had back in 2018 when I was being considered for a position at a station in their little cluster.

Great guy! We had a good chat and he offered me a position as producer on a talk show on a new station he was putting on the air. It was a political talk show, and down here that means “conservative.” No problem, really. I programmed and produced for music stations where I didn’t care for the music, so I thought I could make it work.

I met the show host who seemed like a pleasant-enough person. But about a month before we were set to launch, this person went off on an unhinged rant over something I posted on Facebook, calling me “unpatriotic.” I reminded this person that I served for almost nine years in the Navy and for several years as a government employee and that I was offended by being called “unpatriotic” because this person didn’t care for my opinion of the then-president.

My offer to work as this person’s producer was withdrawn. Probably for the best in retrospect.

This person still does TV commercials for a local car dealership. Saw one of these commercials when we got back down here a couple weeks ago.

I believe this person is being paid in pie.

It’s PAY DAY!!!

Lots and lots of sweet, tasty pie.

And yes, fat-shaming is wrong.

I’m terribly sorry.

Please forgive me?